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Hi, I'm Rachael Welford

Women's Anxiety Coach and Therapist. Founder of Happy Habits Club & Host of Things I Wish I'd Known Podcast.

This is my Story

Growing up in a small seaside town, I often found myself sitting on the sidelines wondering why I wasn’t like everybody else. I always knew I was different, my brain didn't seem the same as everyone else's. I spent years trying to be "normal" & looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

Unlike most children, from the age of 11, I had a dream. A vision of my future. I knew what I wanted to be and I knew it was achievable. If I worked really hard and put my mind to it, maybe I could make my dream a reality.   

Ever since I was slipped a pirate radio cassette tape of a jungle rave set* outside maths, I knew.

I wanted to be a raver! And, that's what I did.

I spent years partying and living the work-hard-play-hard lifestyle. My life was pretty epic! From travelling the world, meeting and hanging out with actual rock stars like Ronnie Wood and The Libertines to running 30,000 people events in the BMX and Snowboarding industries, I really LIVED!

I was a raver and misbehaver and I thought it would never end. But it did.

In 2014 my life changed forever.  The party was over. I woke up one day and couldn't stop crying. This went on for a few days before I realised. Something was wrong. Something was really wrong. Little did I know I had been covering depression and anxiety my whole life. This work-hard-play-hard persona I had created was so I would never stop, never be alone with my thoughts and never have to face what was going on underneath. I had worked and danced myself into the ground. I was bedridden and burnt out. I admitted defeat and moved home with my parents to be looked after. 

I spent the next three years piecing my life back together. It was a long and slow process with many ups and downs, medications and a metric sh*t ton of therapy. Anyone who has experienced mental ill-health will know, that it's a terrifying place and the healing is not linear. 

However, what I learned is that healing is possible. You can have anxiety, depression and PTSD and still find happiness, who knew?!

I'm now a Women's Anxiety Coach and Therapist. I have dedicated my life to helping people just like you to feel happier no matter what is happening in their lives.  Rumour has it that you learn self-love and happiness by osmosis if you hang out with me long enough!

I'm highly qualified having studied with some of the most incredible teachers around the world. Learning not only how to heal anxiety at the root of the problem and the art of happiness but also meditation, sound therapy and energy psychology. Which now make up my varied tool kit.

I've worked with some of the biggest companies in the world to teach their staff my stress beating resilience strategies and meditation techniques, saving thousands of employees from burnout and stress-induced illnesses. Companies like Transport for London (TfL), Reuters, Spotify, Tik-Tok, Havas, House of Vans, The Soho House Group, The Ministry and Weetabix, have all snapped me up.

Now I welcome you to come on a journey of self-discovery with me. I will teach you what I have learned about the freedom you can have when you live anxiety-free. So come with me and say YES to happiness. 



* Pirate radio is an illegal radio station. Cassette tapes are what people used to listen to music on before MP3 was a thing! Jungle is a type of fast-paced dance music.